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We teach all around the world, in English, French, Chinese, and Vietnamese.

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Adress changed in vietnam!

We practice a style that belongs to traditional martial arts schools and try to spread a certain spirit of solidarity.

​Our style is effective in all aspects of life, physical training, mental exercises and internal energy work to learn to take control of the potential of the human body.​

We teach Self Defense, Free Fight, Bai Quyen, Bai Bhin Chi, Khi Cong, Ngoai Cong and Noi Cong.

We would also like to point out that the physical performances you see originally were intended to verify our progress in our learning and training. These performances are extremely dangerous in some cases and require YEARS of training, experience and mastery of techniques.

​Our history pages attempt to bring a more accurate version of Hong Gar’s story than we can find on the internet …

Founded in 2002 we are a traditional martial arts school and continue to teach Master Hà Châu’s values. (which left us on October 20, 2011) and traditional Shaolin Hong Gia (better known as Shaolin Hung Gar).

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The torch was taken over by Master Hà Cuong from January 2012 until February 2018, when he left. His elder brother, Master Hà Châu, watching from his eternal resting place.

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Võ Su Ly

Most ancient Disciple of the school, responsible of the technical skills.

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Me Kiet, son of the deceased, the great Master Ha Cuong and he teaches Martial Arts and Hung Gar in the traditional way. He is responsible for the section at Cho Lon (China Town).

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Me (Võ sư) Phạm Hữu Thông

Head of the Schools of North Viet Nam, and appointed by Master Ha Chau and the head of the school Me (Vo su, Si Quan) Philippe.

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Me (Vo su) Nguyễn Xuân Long

is appointed by Mr. Ha Chau and Mr. Philippe current leader, as Coach and head of the school of Quang Ninh (Mong Cai on the Chinese border).

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Formerly in charge of combat, hardening and internal energy work is now Master Philippe who is in charge of the school. Principal disciple of Master Ha Chau, he remains a coach of AMV French combat teams and former champion himself. 6 Dan of Martial Arts.

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Our classes allow you to have access to international licenses::

– International Wushu Federation (IWUF)

– French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines (FFKDA)

Classes take place between 18h and 20h every day from Monday to Saturday.

Private lessons can take place between 5.30am and 10pm, and the prices shown are not fixed. Private lessons can take place between 5.30am and 10pm, and the prices shown are not fixed.

The money raised is used to help young people in difficulty in Vietnam and give them the opportunity to find work, return to school to earn a degree and have a better chance in life.

The Hong Gia’s techniques incorporate defensive-offensive action, which is one of the most complete martial arts, taking into account the reality of fighting in a situation of aggression. Sunzi says, “If you want peace, prepare for war,” we are preparing for the worst situations imaginable to learn how to avoid them, and if that is not possible, how to respond instinctively, rationally and effectively to defend ourselves . Thus, we are representatives of the FFBD (French Federation of Defense Staff) in Asia, we can train you to defend, or participate in the training of law enforcement in law enforcement, while maintaining the respect for the individuals to be challenged.

With the possibility of having access to licenses of the FFKDA (French Federation of Karate and Associated Disciplines) and the IWUF (International Wushu Federation). We can also allow you to access an Olympic license.

Lion handling, head and body synchronization and instrumental accompaniment

Lion handling, dragon lantern synchronization and instrumental accompaniment

Chains of techniques in codified forms with bare hands (Concept taken by Japanese kata)

Chains of techniques in codified forms with weapons (18 traditional weapons)

Energy work with simple or inverted breathing

External energy work

Internal Energy Work (Pinyin Cong Link) In order to monitor and verify the progress of practitioners, the practice of resistance tests, such as breakage, hanging, and many others, is used. During demonstrations, the performances show levels attained by the Masters and Disciples of the school.

– 70.000 VND – 2.65€ / 1 year
– 230 000 VND – 8.70€ / year
Classes will takes place from 18h to 20h every day from Monday to Saturday (Members will have access to the center from 4pm to 8.30pmto train by themselves.)
private classes (Prix sujets à modifications)
1 class 1h_______________150 €
5 classes 2h______________500 €
10 classes 2h _____________900 €
20 classes 2h ____________1500 €
Classes can take place between 5.30am and 10pm every day of the week.
50% discount for groups of 5 people in private lessons,
and 70% discount for groups of 10,
come with friends, it’s always more fun!
Cours particuliers (Prix sujets à modifications)

L’argent récolté avec les cours et évènements est utilisé par la Fondation Hà Châu© pour financer les études de jeunes en difficulté au Vietnam. Ils viennent pratiquer et apprendre notre Art Martial, ce qui leur permet de se défendre dans l’environnement hostile dans lequel ils/elles vivent.

Nous leur apprenons aussi les bases du sense du respect et de la solidarité. L’école tente de leur permettre d’accèder à une bonne éducation, leur conférant une chance de ne pas être les victimes du crime organisé en Asie du Sud-Est.

La Lumière est Universelle, elle appartient à tous,

Notre devoir est de La transmettre et La diffuser.

L’école œuvre modestement pour le droit à La Lumière pour tous.


For practitioners who do not necessarily have the means, arrangements can be made, we are also a school of life and it is with open arms that we teach to motivated, willing and passionate people, who will show the potential to transmit and disseminate the principles of humanism (respect, solidarity and righteousness).