Our different types of security operations :

Preventive Operations : professional personnel and assets protection​


IAS8 offers its clients a range of practical services all aimed at actively preventing the emergence of dangerous situations.​

Operations to re-establish security conditions

Where a dangerous situation has already arisen, we are able to step in swiftly and decisively to re-establish stability. Our 24/7 call center allows us to react quickly to any emergency situation. Our team of security experts is then immediately dispatched to wrest back control of the situation in conjunction with the local authorities, with whom we have an excellent professional relationship.
Our security and operational philosophy

As a risk management specialist, IAS8 advocates a preventive approach to the different problems our clients can run into. Our starting point is that risk is always present and that our task is therefore to seek to reduce its potential impact as much as possible.
Where problems do arise, our clients can quickly feel out of their depth, but in all such situations we strive to secure the physical safety of the persons concerned as well as to protect the clients‘ assets in a calm and controlled manner.